Do you have a question about Pack 546 and how it works?
Want to know the difference between a Pack and Den? Curious about our outings, uniforms, campouts?
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Cost of Scouting

The Pack's annual registration fee is $95. It includes BSA registration.
Not included are uniforms and outside event fees.

How long is the Scouting year? The Scouting year begins September and runs through June. 
What schools do Scouts from Pack 546 come from? We draw Scouts primarily from Sunset View Elementary, Silver Gate Elementary, Loma Portal, and Ocean Beach Elementary. However, we do have Scouts from the Warren Walker School and The Rock as well.
My son would like to be a Cub Scout but he's beyond 1st grade in school; is it too late for him to join? No. Boys may join Cub Scouts at any age and will be assigned to a Den of same-age Scouts. In general, 1st grade boys become Tiger Cubs, 2nd grade become Wolves, 3rd grade become Bears, and 4th and 5th grade boys become Webelos.
My son is not interested in camping and hiking; can he still join Cub Scouts for the other activities? Absolutely. There are no requirements that a Scout attend camping or hiking opportunites. Cub Scouts offers a wide range of activities besides those including the Pinewood Derby, Scout Fair, Bike Rodeo, Pack and Den Meetings, and various outings.
What are some of the outings you mention? Outings are typically arranged at the Den level. Some past outings include visits to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, the Olympic Training Center, the USS Midway, the San Diego office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Channel 10 TV, among many others.
I've heard that Cub Scouts use knives and I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with that... can you elaborate? Yes. Cub Scouts at the Bear level (3rd grade) and above are eligible to learn how to use a pocket knife in a safe manner. This is accomplished by learning and adhering to all safety rules -- followed by supervised practical experience using a pocket knife. Once this is complete, the Scout signs an oath (called the Whittlin' Chip) which is a safety and responsibility pact between the Scout and the Pack. In no cases is a knife other than a pocket knife allowed, and at no times are the Scouts allowed to bring their knives onto school grounds.
I noticed that uniforms seem to vary from Scout to Scout... do we have to buy a new uniform for our Scout each year? Not really. The uniform for the Cub Scouts is essentially the same for the first three years (blue shirt/pants) and only changes in the last two years (khaki shirt/green pants) if the Scout's Den so chooses. There are some color differences in the first three years, however, which may be what you have noticed. Each of these years have a distinguishing accent color that is represented on the cap, neckerchief, and socks: Tigers wear orange, Wolves wear yellow, and Bears wear light blue.
By the way, we often have many hand-me-down uniforms and accessories available at no cost at our Scout Roundup (first Pack Meeting in September) at which you may be able to find what you need.
Does your Pack have a fund-raiser event that we'll be expected to support? Yes, although supporting it is not mandatory. Each February we hold our annual "Feller's Cake Bake" in which we auction off cakes that the Scouts and the feller of their choice (Dad, Granddad, Brother, etc.) have baked all by themselves. There are a number of themed categories for awards. We hold no other fund-raisers (such as selling cookies or popcorn door-to-door.)
What's a Pack, Den, Troop, and Patrol? Are these terms interchangeable? Confusing, huh?
Well, in Cub Scouts we assign each Scout to a Den. Each Den is usually made up of 7-8 Scouts of the same age or grade. When we talk about our Pack, we're simply talking about all of our Scouts in all of the Dens as one large group. In other words, our Pack is made up of several Dens.
In Boy Scouts, the equivalent of a Den is the Patrol, and the equivalent of the Pack is the Troop.
What is the time commitment in terms of meetings? We usually hold one Pack Meeting each month from September through May; likewise, each Den usually holds one Den Meeting during each of those months. Dens often schedule a secondary monthly get together for outings of various types (hikes, tours, service projects.) During Summer Scouts there are usually no meetings (usually replaced with outdoor activities.)
Finally, if you'd like to assist us in leadership there is also a monthly Parent/Leader Meeting which meets to help guide the Pack.
Any other time commitments I should know about? Most Dens have a rotation of "hosts" for their Den Meetings throughout the year; you may be asked to host a Den Meeting (including planning and preparation) along with the assistance of the Den Leader. Also, the Scouts may earn achievements during the course of the year, and the amount of time you expend on these with your son is, of course, up to you.
What about financial considerations? In general, Pack 546 funds most equipment rental charges, camping fees, uniform patches, and awards. However, you will need to pay for an annual membership fee for your Scout that covers registration and a full year of "Boy's Life" magazine. The other significant expense is your Scout's uniform.
What if I have other questions not addressed here? Not a problem!
Contact our Cubmaster by email at cubmaster (at) pack546 (.) org and he'll be sure to get you the answers you need.